Frequently Asked Sales Questions

How do I activate my new copy of the Azon Tables Plugin?

View This Tutorial Here to learn how to upload and activate your plugin.


Is there a free version of the Azon Tables Plugin?

No. There is only a paid licensed version at this time. This plugin is a lot or work to maintain.


Does the Azon Tables plugin support multiple languages?

Yes. Although it doesn’t come with any translations, the plugin is 100% translation ready. I recommend using the Loco Translate plugin to do so. Azon Tables comes with a complete .pot template file ready for translation.


Can I use the plugin for other affiliate programs rather than the Amazon Affiliate Program?

No. This plugin requires you have an Amazon Affiliate Account and an Amazon Product Advertising API account.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a thirty day money back guarantee.


Do you have an affiliate program for the Azon Tables plugin?

Yes we do! If you are interested in making some money with the Azon Tables plugin, please visit our affiliate info page here.


Is the Azon Tables plugin compatible withe the Easy Azon WordPress Plugin?

While they work on the website together, they do not communicate and the Easy Azon plugin is not needed if you are using Azon Tables.


Who do I contact for sales questions?

Please email