How to Make Money on Amazon with the Amazon Affiliate Program in 2018


Welcome to our guide that teaches you everything you need to know about how to make money on Amazon with the Amazon affiliate program in 2018.


Don’t be a cog in the system working for the man anymore! Wake Up!

Making other people rich while they have the freedom of time – when you’re doing all the work?!

Not Cool!!! But there is another way.

Some of you reading this already know it, for some of you it’s new, and for some of you your minds are about to be blown learning there’s a way out of the 40 hour work week making other people rich.

And it’s not that hard.

Let me introduce you to a world where you can make as much money as you want, work on your own schedule from anywhere you want, and have enough money you don’t have to worry about your future any more.

A world where you can take control of your time, and stop being a worker drone making your bosses and your boss’s bosses richer than you.

There is a way that you can earn as much money as you want, with no limit other than the amount of work you’re willing to put in, and do it all while working for yourself making your own hours and living on your own terms.

I’m not going to lie – it’s a lot of hard work, it can be confusing, there is a lot of mis-information on the internet, and most people who try it don’t make very much money doing it and quit before they are successful.

This guide will give you a beacon to follow and everything you need to keep you on the right path. The path to financial freedom.


This guide is for those who have had enough.


For those who have woken up and want to take their future in their own hands, for their own sake and that of their families.


~ A Step-by Step Guide ~
How to Make Money on Amazon with the Amazon Affiliate Program in 2018


Here is everything you need to know to make money with the amazon Associate Program and get started today.


Table of Contents


What is the Amazon Associates Program?

You may or may not be aware, but Amazon has what’s called an “associate program” and it works like this.

  1. You sign up for free to the Amazon Associates Program.
  2. You get a special associate tracking ID such as my-new-id-20.
  3. Build a website & put links to products on Amazon using your special tracking ID.
  4. Collect Commissions from Amazon on any products that people bought in the next 24 hours after clicking your special “affiliate link”.
  5. Amazon sends you a check in the mail for your percentage of the sale, or you get ot direct deposited in your bank account.

There are many other large chain stores have affiliate programs too such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and a lot more – but we recommend sticking with the Amazon Associate Program.


Of course there is a lot more to being a successful Amazon Associate than completing the steps above, but it is 100% possible for those willing to put in the work.


Why Become an Amazon Associate?

Just think about the rewards …

  • Being financially independent and not relying on anybody else to earn a living…
  • Living every day on your own schedule …
  • Earn your money form your websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…
  • Earn money while you sleep…

Now isn’t that worth at the least reading the rest of this article? You owe it to yourself.

Why is Amazon a Great Way to Start with Affiliate Marketing?

With all of the different affiliate programs out there, why should you work with the Amazon Associate program?

Amazon is THE #1 Online Retailer in the USA conducting $94.7 billion in sales. Their reach is global, and they have a high trust level with millions of people.

Check out our chart on the benefits of choosing the Amazon Associate program.

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How Does The Amazon Associate Program Work?

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How to Become an Amazon Associate

1. Go to the proper Amazon website for your country.

Where you go to become an Amazon Associate differs depending on what country you live in. The associates program is available in 12 countries. Here they are. You can sign up for multiple countries, but to get started just start with your own country.

Signup is 100% free.



2. Click the “Join Now for Free” button.

3. Sign In or Sign Up

You can either sign in with your current Amazon Account, or you can click “Create your Amazon account” to set up a new one. If using your current Amazon account, skip step 4 below.


4. Follow the Rest of the Amazon Associate Signup Process.

* Once you have completed the signup process, your account will need to be approved by amazon. You can start building your Amazon affiliate website for now, because you will need it built out to get approved.


How to Make Money on Amazon with the Amazon Affiliate Program

This Amazon Associate’s Blueprint shows you everything you must do, everything you must consider, everything you must master – to become a successful Amazon Associate. It is a cheatsheet.


Expenses for the Amazon Associate’s Blueprint

  • $25 / year – Domain Registration w/ Domain Privacy
  • $29 / month – WP Engine website hosting, daily backups, & support
  • $49 / one time payment – Ultimate Azon Theme
  • $49 / one time payment – Azon Tables

Total to get started: $152
Monthly: $29
Yearly: $25

NOTE: This is an extremely low financial barrier to starting a business! If you’re not willing to invest $152 in your new business, you likely would not have been successful anyways. Do you realize that you live in the exact right time and place to take advantage of this amazing business opportunity? NOW is the time! Take advantage of it and read on!


Let’s Get to Some “Practical Actionable Tasks”

These are the exact steps and tasks you will undertake to follow this blueprint, so you can start making money as an Amazon Associate as soon as possible. This is the outline you will follow.


How good would just an extra $150 a month feel?

It’s not that far off if you follow these instructions exactly.


* Follow everything exactly as is the first time through to learn the basics and the rules of the Amazon affiliate game – then adapt the process based off your experience and what you’ve learned, to make it your own process. This is just your starting point. You have to learn the rules to break the rules.

Full Affiliate Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links within this blueprint and I thank you for using them if you choose to do so. I only refer you to the best.


The Quintessential Amazon Blueprint


Time to get to the good stuff. Follow these steps and you will find your way to Amazon Affiliate Success as quick as possible.


  1. Sign up for the amazon Associate Program in your Country
  2. Choose a niche (topic). Keep it broad like “camping, babies, cycling, christmas, etc…”
  3. Choose a domain name. Exact match keywords do not mean anything any more. Choose something brand-able like “,,, or
  4. Register your Domain Name. Sign up at Get private domain registration.
  5. Sign up for website hosting. Sign up for website hosting at One Click Backup & Restore, daily automatic backups, 24/7 knowledgeable support – it’s well worth it.
  6. Login to your new WordPress admin at
  7. Install These WordPress plugins:
  8. Install The Ultimate Azon Theme. This is the theme we will use for it’s powerful Amazon API integration. Download The Ultimate Azon Theme Here.
  9. WordPress Settngs