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Build 100% Responsive, Feature Rich, Ama API Driven Product Comparison Tables

Having a Product Comparison Table on your Amazon affiliate website is just a great idea. It has been proven over and over by countless affiliates and countless niche sites that it works. It converts.

Should I Use a Free or Premium Comparison Table Plugin?

There are a few options out there, and all of them are very different. There are free table building plugins, and premium table building plugins. Some are automated, and some are 100% manual.

TablePress - Best Free WordPress Table PluginLet’s Take a Look the Leading Free Plugin “TablePress” First.

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TablePress is the most popular free product comparison table builder used by Amazon assciates as of this writing, and for good reason. TablePress is easy to use, has addons like paginating and filtering, and looks good.

The Huge Problem with TablePress for Amazon Affiliates

Although TablePress is great and used by thousands of Amazon Affiliates, there is one huge problem.

Adding product images and prices with TablePress goes against Amazon’s Affiliate Terms of Service!

If you are doing this, you are RISKING YOUR ACCOUNT BEING BANNED by not pulling your images and prices using Amazon’s own API. It doesn’t seem like a big deal – until it’s YOUR account being banned.

The problem is that TablePress does not allow you to pull the Amazon product images and prices from the Product Advertising API.

Why is this? Because Amazon now requires you to pull any images and prices from their own API, and TablePress doesn’t do this. You get what you pay for in the end.


So What is a Better Solution that Won;t Risk your Amazon Affiliate Account?

Azon Tables – Amazon API Driven Premium WordPress Product Comparison Table Plugin

When it comes to building Amazon Affiliate based product comparison tables, pulling your images and prices from the API is essential. That is the whole point and purpose of Azon Tables, to pull product information via the API.

Azon Tables Features

  • Connects to the Amazon Product Advertising API to pull data, images & more
  • Amazon Associate TOS Compliant!
  • Auto-Updating Prices!
  • Fully Responsive, looks great on all screen sizes
  • Lots of Styling Options
  • Table Filtering
  • Table Sorting
  • Table Pagination
  • Utilizes Browser Memory

Using the Azon Tables WordPress Plugin is Fast & Easy

Here are the basic steps that you must take to create your product comparison table. There are more style and functionality settings than we are showing here, but here is the important main steps.


Step 1 – Add your Amazon API Information & Affiliate ID


best amazon api product comparison table settings

(You can use any Amazon Affiliate Program for Any County they Offer)


Step 2 – Create a Table and Set Up your Columns



Step 3 – Search Amazon From Right Within your Post Edit Screen



Amazon API Product Comparison Tables

Step 4 – Style your Tables & Adjust the Settings for All Screen Sizes

And there you have it. Impressive Responsive Amazon API Driven Product Comparison Tables.

As long as you don’t mind risking your Amazon Affiliate account being BANNED, go ahead and use TablePress for your tables.

If you want to comply with Amazon’s Associate TOS, AND YOU SHOULD LOL, Azon Tables is what you need.


So with our 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – you have nothing to lose by trying out our plugin. (Not even your Amazon Account).

Go ahead and try it now!