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The Best
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Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Product Comparison Tables

Increase Your Amazon Associates Earnings
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There are a lot of Amazon affiliate WordPress product comparison table plugins out there. The problem is that most tables just don’t work well on mobile devices and they lack the important features that your visitors need.
That ends today.

Increased Amazon Commissions

Make More $$$ with High End Comparison Tables

make More Money with the Amazon Associate Program

Every Amazon Associate would agree that comparison tables increase your Amazon Conversions.

You can install the Azon Tables plugin today, and start making more commissions tomorrow!

One Time Payment

Build Unlimited Tables with No Limits

Amazon table Builder - One Time Payment

There are some product comparison table plugins out there that charge a monthly fee to use their service. The problem is that if you someday decide to cancel your subscription to them, goodbye tables. All that work for nothing. What if you can't afford your monthly payment for a few months due to your tight budget? Looks like you're out of luck.

Get Azon Tables for ONE LOW PRICE and pay only one time. Then the plugin and all of your tables are yours as long as you want.

Azon Tables
$49 for 20+ Years of Comparison Tables

Subscription Based Table Makers ($20/month)
$1,200 for only 5 years of Comparison Tables.

You decide the best value.

Amazon Compliant

Don't Risk your Account Being Banned

Don't get your Amazon Associate Account Banned!

Let’s face it, being banned from the Amazon associate program scares all of us. Azon Tables gives you peace of mind by pulling all of your product data directly from the Amazon API. This way your product images and auto-updating prices always comply with the Amazon Associate TOS, keeping you in compliance.

Get started with Azon Tables to comply 100% with the Amazon Associate Operating Agreement. You could be banned tomorrow.

Auto-Updating Prices

Azon Tables Pulls Prices Directly from Amazon

Amazon API Auto Updating Prices

First off, people love to see prices in a product comparison table. It is against Amazon TOS to display inaccurate prices on your website. Not an issue with Azon Tables as it pulls all prices directly from the Amazon API to make sure your price is 100% accurate every minute of every day.

Amazon Flash Sale coming up? No problem! (and no extra work on your part)

Amazon Compliant Images

Don't Risk your Amazon Associate Account by Using Illegal Images

Amazon API Compliant Product Images

So many affiliates use "borrowed" Amazon images in their comparison tables. Did you know this is against the Amazon Associate Operating Agreement and can get your account banned? Azon Tables saves the day by pulling all product images automatically with the API assuring the safety pof your associate account.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Table Display is Optimized for ALL Screen Sizes.

Mobile Friendly Product Comparison Tables

With more and more people viewing your website on their mobile devices, it is more important than ever your comparison tables look perfect on even the smallest screen size. No other comparison table plugin looks and works as great as Azon Tables when it comes to mobile responsiveness.

Table Sorting

Let your Visitors Sort your Tables by the Information That Means Most to Them

Product Comparison Tables with Sorting

Getting your visitors to interact with your website greatly increases their time on site, and makes them more likely to click on your affiliate link. Azon Tables are sortable by default but you can even turn it off if you choose. (But why would you?)

Table Filtering/Searching

Make it Easy for Visitors to Find the Products They Are Looking For

Product Comparison Tables with Filtering and Searching

Another way to get your visitors to interact with your website is by letting them filetr and search your table for items. Get Azon Tables to increase your visitor stickyness ASAP.

Table Pagination

Create Multiple Pages or Product Rows for Optimal Display

Product Comparison Tables with Pagination

You may want or need to have a table with a lot of products in it. This can be quite cumbersome for the user and provide a bad experience, thereby decreasing your tables effectiveness. Azon Tables lets you break your tables into multiple pages with as many or as few rows per page as you would like.

Smart Tables

Save the State your Visitor Leaves the Table In for their Next Visit

Product Comparison Tables utilizes Browser Memory for Seamless User Experience

When a visitor spends time sorting and filtering your table, then leaves the page and comes back hours or days later, tables reset themselves. Not with Azon Tables! zon Tables saves the current state of the table in the user's browser memory, so the next time they visit your site all tables are exactly how they left them.

No Coding Required

For Beginners to Advanced WP Users

Azon Tables is great for beginners to advanced WordPress users and affiliates

1. Choose Your Table Columns.
2. Search Amazon For Products.
3. Click "Insert Product", Then Add More.
4. Publish your Table & Embed the Shortcode

Professionally Designed

Beautiful Table Design & Styling Options

Azon Tables - Beautiful Product Comparison Tables

Our professional designer has made the tables look beautiful by default. Want to tweak it to look more like your site? Use our extensive built in styling options.

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TablePress Azon Tables TableLabs
Create Unlimited Tables
One Time Payment -
Works with All Amazon Countries
* Amazon Compliant
* Auto Updating Prices
* Displays List Price, Sale Price, & Discount
* Compliant Amazon Images
No Coding Required
Self Hosted Tables
100% Mobile Friendly
Table Filtering/Searching
Browser Memory
Table Pagination
Advanced Table Style settings
Add Affiliate Link to Any Table Cell
Regular Price free $49
One Time Payment
per Month